This project consists out of a journey around the entirety of planet Earth using Google Earth, a Virtual Reality headset, a treadmill and a diary.

Starting from my hometown, the scope of this durational performance is that of walking, living, rowing in real time across the virtual continents and oceans that a software such as Google Earth directly offers, and to translate every physiological and psychological experience on this blog: a carnet de voyage that functions as a dialogue between virtual and physical realities. A platform to disrupt their boundaries and overlap their nature, juxtaposing the physical self to the virtual representation of Earth and questioning the relationship between a human being and what its natural environment really is.

A contemporary Odyssey in virtual reality, whose focus is directed upon the disconnection between presence and location; between experiences and their documentation; between a fixed performing and recording studio and an entire world whose geological and political boundaries are set by algorithms.

Although I’m not modifying my physical position, the kilometers walked on the treadmill are increasing. This triggers the question whether this trip around the Earth is taking place after all.

The only tangible clue lays in this “human vs. planet” diary.

© Federico Delfrati

This project is funded by the Department of Arts and Culture, Munich